My Latest .22lr Rifle

I like shooting my AR15 except that it cost me $.50-$.75 per shot! A 30 round magazine cost me at least $15 to shoot!!! It’s crazy to spend that much money shooting my gun. So, I’ve been looking around for a cool rifle that shoots .22lr which is going to cost me around $.06 per shot. I just purchased the GSG 522 for $350 after tax. I picked the GSG over the M&P 15-22 because the GSG was $100 cheaper, looks like an HK MP5 and has more accessories available for it.

gsg 522 carbine with 110round magWhile the MP15-22 has a rail built in like my AR15, I just wanted something a bit different. The GSG has a 22 round magazine and also a 10 round magazine…but most importantly it has an awesome 110 round drum magazine! Yes, 110 rounds of .22lr! No more reloading while target practicing….just load up once and then I can shoot for 110 rounds of fun.

Check it out over at Weapon Hero


Protect Your Bike

If you are an avid bicycle rider, or even just a casual rider, it is important to store your bike in a safe location. It bike coveris easy for someone to jump on your bike and ride it away, successfully stealing your bike. There are a few things you can do to cut down on bike theft. You can get a bike chain and lock and keep your bike secured to a nearby bike stand, tree, or other place that they cannot remove to get your bike. The chain and lock are hard to break, and are a great deterrent. It’s easier to steal a bike without one. Another thing is to park your bike in a well lit, easy to see location. If the person messing with your bike feels like they are in the open where they can be seen, there is a smaller chance of them stealing your bike. Additionally, you can get a bike cover. A cover is a great way to protect your bike from rain, hail, the sun, and other elements. Plus, a good bicycle cover will also help deter people from messing with your bike since it’s tucked away under a good cover the hides it, and makes it harder to access.


Affordable Tools

There are lots of great tools on the market, but some of them can be really expensive. They are usually vtoolsery dependable, last forever, and get the job done, but their name brand draws the big expenses, and contractors that build for a living can easily afford to purchase these expensive tools that are out of reach for the regular home owner. If you fit into the normal, every day home owner category and do not make a living from your tools, it’s nice to have a cheaper alternative that still gets the job done. That’s where a brand, Task Force Tools, comes in very handy. They have basic tool sets that have hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and socket sets. They also sell smaller sets of just screwdrivers, wrenches, or your basic couple of tools. It’s a great resource when you’re looking to finish a project around your house, assemble a toy or piece of furniture, or looking for that special tool. They make great gifts, and like most tools, are incredibly handy to own when you end up needing them.


Things You Need

It’s easy to focus on the big picture and think, I need a new TV, carI need a new phone, I need a new car. However, the smaller items are often the things you really kick yourself over. We’ll discuss them and make sure you don’t make a big mistake over something small. As far as a TV goes, there are lots of great models on the market. You can spend months researching and pay thousands for the perfect TV, and then get it home and find that it breaks over time. I’ve had a 56 inch DLP break, and was glad I had the protection plan. These are usually a waste of money, but for a big investment, it may be worth the piece of mind. If you buy a phone, then you’re going to want to protect it. Some phones have a protection plan, but the best protection is really a good case. You can find some from this article. They keep your phone safe, which is ideal to prevent you from replacing it if it gets cracked. If you get a new car, you will also want to make sure you have full coverage insurance before you drive off the lot. It’s bad to think of, but if you get hit the second you drive off the lot and don’t have insurance, it could cost you thousands. Not to mention the ticket from the police for not being insured while driving. Call your insurance company,  and add the car before you leave the lot. These tips can save you a lot of money, and a lot of headaches. Do the simple things to protect the big things.


Good Professional Paper Resource

If you’re looking to get a great PR or press release out to the masses, you should consider releasing your own front page story on a newspaper. It’s easy to do. Newspaper TemplateSimply write up a compelling article for a newspaper and put out a press release. These releases may or may not get someone’s attention. If they don’t, that’s ok, you can try again when the news may be slower. But, if they do get a paper’s attention, they may send someone out to do a story on you, take your picture, and run it as the front page, a byline or the front page of a certain paper section. This works better with rural markets, where there may not be as much news, or as big of news to cover for the day. If the article benefits the city in some way, donating money to a charity, recognizing a local business, or something like that, they are also more likely to run it. You may also need to give them a couple of weeks. If they have a busy news schedule, they may fit you in the following week or the next. So, make your items punchy, but not too tied to time so they can fill it in a week or two if they need. If you cannot get a byline or story, then you could create your own. Literally write your own copy for a newspaper article, and use a good newspaper template to make your own cover story. You can get a good newspaper template for free here. Then, you can email this out to your customer or contact list. Make a point to stand out, and these techniques will help you earn media.


Great Deals on Oil Filters

If you’re interested in saving money on oil filters, there are a lot of great deals to be had. Walmart always has low prices on oil filters and supplies, and is found nationwide. Additionally, there are sebosch oil filterveral local car shops and places that will do oil changes locally, and often the best way to save on oil changes and filters is to use a coupon from a local newspaper or magazine. However, some people prefer to change their own oil, which is really the most cost effective way. It takes a little extra time and work, but can save you money. If you are interested in picking up a quality oil filter, consider Bosch oil filters. They are made of great quality, and will help to keep your engine running clean.

If you change your own oil, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time, and know how to do it the right way. Edmunds can show you how to change your oil if you are just starting out.